The Power of Weakness


Vendido por Leonardo Ramírez
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Accepting the idea of weakness happens to be unpopular and even unacceptable among those who lead their lives according to the thought of the law of the jungle: the strongest survives. In this hostile environment, even the most helpless animals like the antelope and the deer must flee terrified, threatened by the powerful roar of the lion, and the rodents run away looking for a refuge when the prey birds appear. In the vast sea, as well, the shark evidently predominates as the king of all predators and the big fish devours the small fish. So, under the rejection of a stoicism that can be seen as mediocrity, people try to position themselves as predators not
to be depredated

This way, they try to avoid the most unpleasant sensation among living creatures: pain.

Unfortunately, the condition of weakness is an unavoidable reality and it is always present in the civilized and rational world of human beings. We are extremely fragile. No matter how strong we feel we are in certain circumstances, there will always be someone or something stronger than us before whom we must bow down.


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